German Grey Heath


You will find hardly any productive livestock that is kept in such a species-appropriate environment like the Heidschnucke in the Nature Reserve Lüneburg Heath. Aside from a few weeks during lambing season the flocks roam around the Heath every day. Heather is the basic pasture of the Heidschnucke. During the day the animals are tended on the vast heath areas of the region and nibble grass and the fresh shoots of the heather plants. At present there are eight flocks of Heidschnucken in the Nature Reserve Lüneburg Heath; six of them are owned by the Stiftung Naturschutzpark (Nature Park Trust). A flock consists of about 350 ewes, according to the season up to 400 lambs and a few rams. 

The meat of the Heidschnucke is something very special. As the animals are constantly moving about and due to their feeding on heather and fresh grass the meat has a gamey flavour, is lean and very tender. Find out for yourself at the local hotels and restaurants. By consuming Heidschnucken products, you actively support the cultural landscape of Lüneburg Heath. 

Heidschnucken products are also available at many of the local butcher’s shops.