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Heidewitzka – Children‘s Playworld

Soltau, Gottfried-von-Cramm-Straße 1

Romp until the cow comes home!

AmusementPark | Playground | Zoo

Serengeti Park

geschlossen (öffnet 10:00 Uhr)

Hodenhagen, Am Safaripark 1

Safari Adventure on more than 220 hectares! You will encounter 1,500 wild and exotic animals – some of them at close range. And you can have plenty of fun at more than 40 fun rides and breathtaking shows.

AmusementPark | Playground | Zoo

Weltvogelpark Walsrode

geschlossen (öffnet 10:00 Uhr)

Walsrode, Am Vogelpark

This adventure will give you wings! You will come across 4,000 birds from 650 species and all continents and will have the opportunity to take part in many of the attractions at the Weltvogelpark Walsrode (World’s Bird Park).