Encountering ‘Heidschnucken’ and their shepherd 

When encountering a flock of ‘Heidschnucken’, please consider the following: 

• Keep to the marked hiking trails! 

• Keep your dog on a lead throughout the Nature Reserve! Unleashed dogs can cause major harm to a flock. 

• The flocks also cross the marked hiking trails. Please keep your distance and wait until all animals have crossed the path. 

• Please don’t approach or lure the sheepdogs. In general these dogs are the shepherd’s good-natured assistants but they will protect their flock against any intruder, no matter whether human or animal. 

• The shepherd is always happy to answer your questions as long as you kindly bear in mind that he has to move on. 

• 'Heidschnucken’ are very shy animals and don’t want to be stroked. When approached by strangers they will flee and will need a long time before they continue grazing. 

You can meet the shepherd and his flock by appointment. 

Please contact: 
Stiftung Naturschutzpark Lüneburger Heide 
Phone +49 5198 987030