A cultural asset of the region

Carriage rides in the Lüneburg Heath

Carriage rides in the Lüneburg Heath are part of the region's cultural heritage. The teams have been shaping the landscape here for more than 100 years and are an integral part of the unique heathland. In doing so, they make a not inconsiderable contribution to the extraordinary nature experience “Heath Vacation”.

You will quickly forget everything else on a carriage ride through the Lüneburg Heath Nature Park. For this short break, only the extraordinarily beautiful sight of the heather counts. The stories that coachmen have to tell about their homeland. The feeling of absolute deceleration. The completely different driving experience. And the clearly noticeable closeness to animals and the cultural landscape. You seldom dive into the soul of the Lüneburg Heath as deeply as on a carriage ride ...

A carriage ride should definitely be on the program during your holiday in the Lüneburg Heath. With our "Heidekutschern" you are in the best of hands - do not miss this leisurely, romantic driving experience through the Lüneburg Heath!